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About The Team

West Coast Motorsports originated in 2006 in Banning, CA. The team started with President/Owner, Andy Birchard, racing a Class 1 in Best in the Desert from 2006-2009. In 2013 Andy’s and Jessica’s son, Cruz, started racing dirt bikes in various series in Southern California. Shortly after 2016, both Cruz and his sister, Bella, started their SXS journey together racing WORCS and Dirt Series in 170s. After showing early success in the 170 class, the sibling duo moved up into the Pro classes and are competing in some of the most respected race series across the nation – Best in the Desert, SCORE, Midamerica, Unlimited off-road series and Corr Racing Series. Bella and Cruz are motivated drivers, supported by an organized and focused team, and have support from some of the best in the industry, that have helped to pave the road to the early success they have seen. Sponsorship would benefit West Coast Motorsports Race Team and the sponsor from the confidence Bella and Cruz would demonstrate representing the brand, and with the future success this duo will obtain. Each of the drivers are consistently working towards building their talent, gaining social media presence and building long-lasting sponsor relationships.

Team Drivers: Bella Birchard, Cruz Birchard, Dylan Lemburg, Chase Carr
Owners: Andrew Birchard and Jessica Birchard
Lead Mechanic: Richard Holmes
Pit/Support: Dave Lemburg and Johnny Lemburg
Pit Management: Dylan Schuch


SoCal West Coast Electric, Carr One Fabrications, EVO Powersports, Coyne Powersports, DS Custom Wraps, Polaris, Roll Desgin / Elka, Switch Pros, KMC Wheels, Seal Savers, Motul, Demon Powersports, Baja Designs, GBC Tires, Sparco, Action Sports Canopies, Sandcraft, Magik Kustom Graphics, West Coast Racing Services.

Team Members

Cruz Birchard


Bella Birchard


Dylan Lemburg


Chase Carr


Race Report

Bella Birchard

Vegas 2 Reno 2023
For 2023 V2R, Bella Birchard competed in her own car, a Pro XP in the Super Stock Turbo class as #S904. This class did not have qualifying, but she did draw the first spot for her starting position. Bella had a strong start and with her pit crew’s strategic pit plans, she was setup for success. The beginning of the track’s silt and 105-degree weather made for some challenges for Bella around pit 3. The car started overheating due to the weather and the filters were clogging up due to the silt track. This changed the pit strategies for Bella, resulting in more pit stops than planned. These challenges didn’t stop her and her co-driver Dylan Lemburg, they showed their depth of passion and perseverance for the sport and fought to the finish line, for a 3rd place finish in her class.

Cruz Birchard

Vegas 2 Reno 2023
For 2023 V2R, Cruz Birchard competed in his brand-new built Turbo R in the Pro Turbo Class #T220. He qualified Wednesday but didn’t have the results he was reaching for. The heat and silt track also had its grip on Cruz’s car, Cruz and his co-driver Richard Holmes made the decision to lay back and save the car for race day. Cruz teamed up with Chase Carr for the race, Cruz would start the race and drive the first 380 miles and hand the car off to Chase Carr to finish the remaining 140 miles. Cruz started off fast, strong, and determined making good time and progress. Cruz was on the right track, but his car was facing challenges within the silt and extreme heat. Working through the challenges of overheating, blown belts and clutches, the decision to save the car for redemption at the next BITD race at Silver State was made when the threat of the motor being damaged arose.

2024 Race Season Schedule

Parker 425 (Unlimited Off-Road Series)

Dates: January 10 – 14th

Corr Race Series

Dates: February 10 – 11

Mint 400 (Unlimited Off-Road Series)

 Dates: March 8 – 10

Corr Race Series

Dates April 13 – 14

Best in the Desert, Silver State 300

Dates: April 25 – 28

Midamerica Round 1

Dates: May 24 – 27

Midamerica Visions Round 2

Dates: June 12 – 16

Midamerica Round 3

Dates: July 19 – 21

Midamerica Round 4

Dates: August 16 – 18

Best in the Desert, Vegas to Reno

Dates: August 14 – 17

MidAmerica Round 5

Dates: October 4 – 6

California 300 (Unlimited Off-Road Series)

Dates: October 2 – 6

Corr Race Series

Dates: October 12 – 13

Corr Race Series

November TBD

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